Castle Combe - Sunday 13th July

Carl Chambers had made major improvements to his engine in his backup car, his spec engine was as good as the BTCC car, so expectations were high. Dave & Shah had also made improvements by a new rear beam with negative camber, solid mounts, the front end had also been improved with bottom rose joints, top adjustable mounts to give negative camber.

The forecast for the weather was not looking good but had changed nearer the day of racing, with some rain over night next morning the track was dry, risk of showers throughout the day.

Carl put his car in P3 with a best lap time of 1:17.445 which is an excellent result, Dave & Shah put their car in P24 with Dave setting the best lap time of 1:25.245 both drivers were pleased hopefully would be able to get better lap times in the race.

This put Carl on Row 2 and Dave & Shah on Row 12.

Carl left to go to collecting area, Dave tried to start the car but would not start with help from Steven Simpson they tried to get the car to start the spark plugs were dry so no fuel was getting through, Dave & Shah were having to miss the race. The Race started but within the first bend there was a massive accident resulting in the race being Red flagged and cancelled. Dave & Shah found out if we could re enter the race which was going to be held at the end of the day. Carl Chambers came to rescue to fix Dave & Shah's car he soon found out it was a TDC sensor this was replaced and the car started first time, both cars were going to be racing.

CSCC reported that the race might happen but could not certain as other incidents may cause further delay. We were called down to the holding area whilst the last race was finishing, we were told that it would be happening, and we would race up to the curfew but it would be no driver change and no green lap. Dave & Shah agreed between them that it would be OK for Dave to race.

We lined up on the grid, lights out the race began, Dave did not get the best start and lost several positions. Carl kept at the front for several laps and had some great racing with Russell Hird, Dave soon got positions back with some great clean racing from other competitors. Carl was looking like he would finish the race in 1st when on the last lap the engine gave up costing him the race.

Dave finished in the end in Position 18 with a lap time of 1:24.334 not a bad result and he was fairly pleased finishing in the top 20. Carl set the fastest lap of 1:19.995