Mallory Park - Saturday 1st August 2015.


Carl had been having lots of physio and pain killers he was able to get back in the car 2 weeks after Cadwell for Mallory Park. At this time the Doctors were not sure what the problem was but they suspected it to be a trapped Sciatic Nerve!

But being a racing driver (or so they tell him) you always want to get out in the car and not miss a race! And as we are doing really well in the championship for the CSCC then he didnt want to loose this. We had decided the the TARC championship was all but won by Simon in his Saxo as he had won every round so far! It wasnt going to be possible to beat him now so the plan was to do every round now in the CSCC Tin Tops.

Mallory is a place Carl loves and so glad its able to continue to hold races after a few years of the council trying to close it down!

Qualifying was ok and he tried to limit the time he was in the car as didnt want to hurt myself more so not able to race! We were back in the 306 Rallye as that is easier to drive and easier to get in and out of in the pit stops!
Carl qualified 4th on the grid in the first 10 minutes so he just came in and sat it out from the as that was enough for him!

Dave and Nick Mellor

This was the second time Dave and Nick Mellor had teamed together, it was Daves first time at Mallory, Nick had raced previously here but it had been some time. With improvements to Daves car since Nick last drove it, he was quite looking forward to just how much better the car was. Nick set some really good lap times in and put the car in 12th for the race. Dave was suffering lower back pains but still put his best effort in and getting use the the track.

This put Carl on Row 2 and Dave and Nick on Row 6


The race start was excellent and he was 2nd by the first corner! Paul was leading in his very fast Focus. Kester Cook was behind in his Fiesta with Richard Woods in 4th. Richards Focus had a misfire in qualifying so was well down but now the car was back on full power and was flying!

Kester tried for many laps to get past Carl and had far more power down the start straight but as long as he kept the inside for Gerards there was no way he had enough corning speed to get past! Till one lap he managed to get his nose inside at Shaws Hairpin and out dragged him down the straight with the inside for Gerards, 2nd was now his. Trouble is he knocked Carls drivers side mirror out on the way past so Carl was now blind that side and Richards fast Focus was coming! He took advantage of his blind side and pulled the same move as Kester 2 laps later!

We had a fantastic pitstop and came out ahead of all the fast Fords! Mensleys Focus had a winners 30 second penalty and both Kester and Richard were slower than us but all were catching fast! Both Mensley and Kester came past in one go on that blind side again, its so annoying when you loose a mirror! Richard came past a few laps later, again on that blind side! But 2 laps later Richard's gearbox went bang spreading oil from Devils Elbow all the way to the pitlane, and this brought the safety car out!

It was serveral laps under the safety car trying to clear it up but at least this let him close the gap on the 2 Fords in front. On the restart Carl was gaining on Kester who seemed to have slowed a bit, this he thinks due to tyres but it didnt last long as Hitchins Civic went off hitting the barrier hard! They were ok but the car was in an un-safe place so the race was stopped.

Dave and Nick

Nick had a great start to the race gaining several positions and getting upto 9th, on the second lap we gained another position, and Nick had some great close racing with several other racers. Our pitstop went well and Dave got a couple of good laps in then he had 6 laps under the safety car, each time Dave passed the pits he was being told via the pitboard that we were third in Class, after the Safety Car had gone in Dave had another 2 laps before another Hitchins civic went off finishing the race. On the last lap Dave could not beleive his eyes as we were 3rd in class it felt like we had won the race. This was Daves first trophy in the Tin Tops, both Nick and Dave celebrated after the race with Carl Chambers who had a 3rd Trophy and Pugsport Racing had bagged 2 trophies in one race.