Rockingham - Sunday 12th July 2015.

Carl had never been here so he thought he would watch a few videos from round 1 of the TARC Tricoloure as they were here earlier in the year but we missed it as it clashed which the CSCC Snetterton round.
Going into Qualifying he felt good as he thought after the videos he knew where he was going wrong! It seems there is 2 versions of the international circuit, one long and one short! The TARC had used the short and the CSCC were on the long so all Carl's research was for nothing!
After about 10 mins he started to learn the track and tried to set some times but it was a up hill battle and we ended a lowly 7 on the grid ! Lots of work to do in the race!

This put Carl on Row 4 on the Grid

The start went well and Carl picked up a few places early on, and was chasing Steve Simpson in his 206! His 206 RC (GTI 180) was flying with its new £70 bargain eBay engine!
Richard Woods was miles in front with his new ex Tom Chilton BTCC (NGTC) Ford Focus after having a £47000 rebuild to get it to CSCC 2.0 spec instead of the 1.6 turbo that it had back in the day. The suspension on this thing is a work of art, with it being spaceframed front and rear! Sadly its central/rear driving position really hampered it in the pit spots as he could not get in and out quickly so all the time he had gained was lost!

Steve gained the lead with Carl chasing hard! He was catching him well when one of the 106s lost it right in front of Carl so he had to avoid him, and lost a lot of time. Carl had to chase Steve down all over again!
Richard was now struggling as the Focus used to run on slick tyres back in the day and its set up for that, but we run treaded tyres, so these were now well past their best!
Coming onto the last lap Carl had caught Steve and was looking to go under him on the inside on the very fast banked corner, either he hadnt seen Carl or he just didnt want to loose his lead as he kept moving across till Carl had nowhere else to go, so it was either back off or hit him! Knowing this would mean a big accident for him and maybe even Cark, so Carl did the sensible thing and backed off! But stupidly this also lost him the momentum and meant Richard then got past Carl.
Carl tried so hard to get Richard back as could see he was struggling badly with his tyres, but he had just enough to hold me off and he got 2nd by 0.3secs!

Gutted to have lost 2nd trying to get 1st but thats how its goes if you want to win, but it did prove that money doesnt matter all the time as Steves £70 engine beat the £47k one of Richards Focus!

Well done Carl another cracking result!