Anglesey (Coastal) - Sunday 3rd August 2014.

With Carl's 306 breaking at Castle Combe, Carl was without a car, Dave & Shah would be without anybody to fix there car if anything went wrong and due to the distance it was to travel there, after some discussion between Dave & Shah it was decided it would be a good idea if Carl stepped in for Shah for this one race only.

Carl & Dave arrived on the Saturday evening the weather was changing and overnight they had some very bad weather with heavy rain and strong winds. Next morning both drivers were concerned about the weather, by the time qualifying came around it was light rain but still very windy, Dave qualified first and spent the first few laps being very cautious, by the time Carl changed over it was starting to get a dry line. They qualified in P13 but by the time of the race another 2 competitors had dropped out which meant P11 this put them on Row6.




The rain had stopped and the track was dry but still very windy. Dave started the race, Dave got away from the start without any wheel spin but got boxed in by a slow moving Ford Fiesta in front of him, after several laps battling with Clio's and Jamie Collins in his Peugeot 205 he gained several positions back, Dave pitted and Carl changed over, the pitstop went well, Carl made up several spaces and finished the race in P12 Well Done both