Brands Hatch - Monday 6th May 2013

After the disappointment of Race 1 at Snetterton, some changes to the car would hopefully give us the result we all wanted. The day was hot so not ideal racing temperatures but it was dry. Qualifying went well, Carl took it steady not to break the car and give a decent grid position he managed to get to 5th but sadly the tires went off so he pitted and he slipped to Position 7 which he was still happy about.

This put Carl on Row 4 which was excellent result.

Starting in 7th Carl got up to 4th with the 1st Lap, by the second lap he was up to 3rd, he then held 3rd until the 8th Lap where he took 2nd position,on the 12th Lap he took 1st and held that position as Russell Hird did his pitstop until we pitted on the 18th Lap, his pit crew Jane McKee and Dave Roberts helped Carl do a reasonable pitstop on Lap 27 he was sitting in 4th, Lap 30 he gained to 3rd, on Lap 36 he climbed to 2nd then until the checkered flag he had a long hard battle with the Collins Clio to stop him from having his position, Well done Carl you made our team proud!