Brands Hatch (Indy) - Sunday 1st June 2014.

The team were all looking forward to Brands Hatch as it had been done as a track day, only problem was other racers from lower classes were moved into there own race which left all Class A cars together, this was going to make it hard for Dave & Shah to get into a higher position due to higher spec cars. The weather was dry so no scary moments down Paddock Hill bend.

Carl qualified in 14th which was a respectable position, Dave and Shah were in 23rd after breaking the 1 minute lap done by Shah.



Carl Chambers

Carl had made some changes to the car so hopefully these would help him to gain a higher finishing position. Carl had an excellent race and pitstop and finished in 7th position, this was outstanding result to say it was a complete standard car.

Shah & Dave

Dave was going to start the race, this would be his first standing start, the start went quite well and managed to keep the position but sadly did not gain any places. Dave was feeling unwell due to sinus pain and could not wait to do his pitstop, Dave saw Carl's pitboard and came in too early which the Pitcrew and Shah were not ready for him, Shah then took over and put some consitant times and even broke his target of under one minute. Dave and Shah finished the race in Position 18 due to non finishers.