Brands Hatch (Indy) - Sunday 31st May 2015.

Two weeks after the TARC Tricolore trophy race we are back here with the CSCC. Though this time its very wet!

Not having much grip on the Yokohama 048s in the wet Carl only managed 10th on the grid in qualifying. Fingers were crossed that it would dry out

This put Carl in 9th position on Row 5 of the grid.

For the race it had mostly dried out, though there was a few damp patches to catch you out if your weren't careful!

The race started and before the cars got to Graham hill bend the safety car came out, a car had clipped the tyres at the top of Paddock hill bend spreading them across the track! They were quickly cleared so the race could continue.

As soon as the pit window opened Carl came in and for once it was the best thing to do as because as soon as Carl went out the safety car was out again, with a car in the gravel at Paddock Hill Bend. When the Safety Car came in Carl was in 2nd place, he was pushing hard trying to catch the Boon brothers in their Civic. But he found one of those damp patches and in the worst place possible, right at the top of Paddock hill!
This resulted in Carl heading for the gravel! Knowing how deep the gravel is he just floored it and hoped! After a very scary trip through the gravel and to his amazement he made it through.

Sadly now Carl had such a bad wheel wobble with gravel stuck in his wheels! Its was so bad it was hard to see down the straights! Kester Cook was charging hard in his Fiesta, as was Ashley Collins in his Clio. Carl had to let them both past without much of a fight though neither were in his class so it didn't really matter too much. Carl knew from the pitboard that Steve Simpson in his 206 who was the next one in his class was nearly half a lap behind so Carl just limped home for 4th overall and 2nd in class.

Well done Carl !!