306 BTCC Racing History

Silverstone Insurance National Saloon Car Championship.

1999 first year entered in the National Saloon car championship by Bowmen Racing and Peugeot Sport UK. Despite 3 wins in the year and 4 pole positions they finished 2nd in the championship with Finnish driver Toni Ruokonen and 4th with British driver Dan Eaves.

2000 was a great year for the 306 and despite them being banned from using the 6th gear and being given 80kgs of weight as success ballast, they still won the championship winning 5 races again with Toni Ruokonen, Dan Eaves again finished 4th and a third car run by HTML Motorsport driven by Simon Harrison.

In 2001 the National saloon car championship became the BTCC production class.

British Touring Car Championship.

In 2000 one car was entered into all the events the new class for BTCC class B which was for production based cars run by Bowmen Racing and Peugeot Sport UK sponsored by the VIP Touring Car Club. This car was driven by British driver Alan Morrison. There was a second car which raced a few times in the year driven by different drivers. At the first race at Silverstone the 2nd car was driven by touring car ace Will Hoy but sadly he did not finish either race. At Donnington the 2nd car was driven by Peugeot Sport UK boss Mick Linford’s son Lee Linford. At Brands Hatch Toni Ruokonen was given a go in the BTCC and Dan Eaves had a go at Oulton Park and the second visit to Silverstone. Alan Morrison won the class by 4 points over Hondas James Kaye. Dan Eaves was 5th even though he had only done 2 races, Ruokenon was 10th and Lee Linford bringing up the rear in 13th!

In 2001 the Class B became the Production Class, Bowen Racing became Vic Lee Racing and moved on the main class with the 406 Coupe BTCC car with Peugeot Sport UK. The Production Class 306 was now run by HTML Motorsport with drivers British Simon Harrison who had previously raced the BTCC 405 in 1995 and Norwegian Roger Moen. There were 3 other private cars run driven by Tom Boardman, Annie Templeton and Spice Girl Melanie Cs brother Paul O Neill. Simon Harrison won by 7 points again over 2nd place James Kaye in a Honda, Roger Moen finish 3rd, Paul O Neill was 8th, Tom Boardman 11th and Annie Templeton 19th.

The 306 was raced in the BTCC right up till 2003 in the production class by various other small teams with varied success.

Asian Touring Car Championship.

In 2000 ATCC moved from Super Touring to Super Production regulations and Bowen/Vic Lee Racing along with Longman Racing and Peugeot Sport UK entered with great success, winning the championship in 2000 Henry Lee Junior, in 2001 with Charoensukawtana Nattavude and in 2002 with Toni Ruokonen.


Cars that were built and where they are now.

In 1999 there was 2 built for the Silverstone Insurance National car championship, these cars were yellow and not Linford Green. In 2000 they went over to do the Asian Touring Car Championship and raced by Longman racing. They were used again in 2001 over there but don’t know where the cars are now!

In 2000 3 Linford Green cars were built, 2 raced again in the National Saloon car Championship and 1 went into the production BTCC class. 1 National Saloon car went on to Asian Touring Cars in 2001 all 3 raced there that year, this is another one that I don’t know where it’s gone. The other National Saloon car went into BTCC production in 2001 and was raced by Paul O’Neil, this car is now white and was owned by Andy Robinson. It now races in the Classic Sports Car Tin Tops Championship driven by Nigel Tongue. The one that was the VIP Touring car sponsored one in that went into the BTCC went on to be owned and raced buy Annie Templeton. It’s now owned by Pete_rallye on 306GTi6.com.

Tom Boardman had the pink one which is the only one which is LHD, this started in the national saloon cars then went into BTCC in 2001, raced for a few years after this being repainted silver and is the one Lee Etches has!

In 2000 there was 2 Scarlet Orange ones built and run by HTML, these both raced in the National Saloon car championship that year, then in 2001 went into BTCC production class, the Simon Harrison one is now white and was owned by Julian Long, it now races in the Classic Sports Cars Tin Tops Championship driven by Jerry Hampshire and David Cox. The Roger Moen one I own!

So 8 in total were built, 7 were RHD and built fully by Bowmen motorsport. The Boardman one as said is the only LHD not sure who built it but the spec is much the same, just not as much carbon inside and on the dash!