Donington Park - Saturday 24th August

With a double 3rd win from the previous races at Pembrey we were hopeful with a 1st as other drivers had penalties

The weather had changed and was rather wet the day previous to the race but the forecast had said cloudy but dry. Carl qualified in 4th on the last lap as he had technical issues for a number of laps and after pitting on the 3rd time Carl found a lead loose and did 2 remaining laps gaining a position from Nigel Ainge.

This put Carl on Row 2 of the grid

With a Rolling Start this was new to Carl and few other drivers, it went rather well, Carl swapped places for a number of laps from 3rd to 5th, until the 7th Lap were he held 3rd for 3 laps, then taking pole on Lap 10 holding onto 1st for 3 laps, Carl then pitted for his pit stop which went quick but got stuck at the end of pit lap because the safety car was out and had to join the back of the traffic, by Lap 17 he was up to 2nd and has several great laps of swapping positions with Simon Taylor, sadly losing 2nd position as the tires were getting too warm and finished the race in 3rd, still a great result Carl, with 2 remaining races left in the year lets hope Carl can bag his 1st win of the year.