Donington Park - Saturday 30th August

Carl Chambers was back out his Peugeot (non-btcc) car, whilst Dave & Shah were back together again. The weather was dry and sunny, so hopefully a good days racing would lie ahead.

Carl had an moment when he put his car into the gravel but still set the car in a good position on the grid. Shah went first and just as the pitcrew were going to tell him to pit the accellerator cable snapped which meant Dave did not do any qualifying, the car was fixed and Dave had to do 3 laps around the circuit with the Modern Classics series, which was good as the car was misfiring which was then fixed for the race.


This put Carl in position 6 on row 3 of the Grid, Shah put the car on Position 34 on row 17 of the grid.

Carl Chambers

Carl held his position for several laps and when he did his pitstop he was in 3rd position, but sadly he was hit very hard by Nigel Tongue towards the end of the race causing him not to cross the finish line, but finished in last position.

Dave & Shah

Dave started the race and was only doing 10 minutes of the race as Dave owed him some race time from Castle Combe, he had a fairly good start for a Rolling Start, and got to position 23rd, he had some very close racing with Lisa in the Ford Puma, the pit stop went quite well and Shah got on with race only to be held up by several Yellow flags by incidents, he finished in position 20th.