Donington Park - Sunday 4th September.

Car 306 BTCC

Qualifying was dry and was going well till a Honda Civic decided to drop oil all down the Crainer curves! This made things very slippery after the safety car period to move the strickened car!
As always the 2 Honda Integras were flying and were out in front. Billy was going well again in his new Corsa, Steve Simpson was pushing hard and going well in the 206, till he pushed that bit extra and ended in the gravel at the bottom of the Crainers probably blaming the oil that was dropped earlier! We set 5th fastest time but the Simpsons were 4th but would not be starting as gravel had got into the cambelt and caused it to jump couple of teeth. This meant we would now be 4th.
New guy John Whelan had come out to play in his very fast 306 S16 but his brakes cried enough and he also ended in the gravel. Russell Hird was the fastest of the Integra but only just!


Tom Mensleys Clio died on the green flag lap meaning we had to go round and do a second green flag lap while they moved his car.The rolling start went well and I had got past Billys Corsa, I tucked in behind the 2 Integras. But going into the first corner the 2 Hondas seemed very slow and were side by side leaving me nowhere to go. I had to brake hard and it was either cold rear tyres or a very slight tap from Richard Whelan, that sent me sideways and off onto the grass. I dropped from 3rd to 15th! Dam it!
Then next few laps I was annoyed and was passing everything possible! Coming up behind David Cox in his 306, he suddenly slowed! How I missed him I will never know, his engine had let go causing him to slow, it was just happened to be just as came up behind him.
Its was the first time the 2 sister BTCC 306s had been together on track for years, and it came so close to ending there!
John Whelan was making friends quickly as he and Billy had a coming together, this ended with Billys Corsa getting a puncture. Amazingly Billys pit crew changed the wheel and got him back out but he was now well down the order. Johns car stopped a few laps later with again brake problems.
We pitted early and all went well, after all the pitstops played out we were in the lead! But Russell was closing very fast at nearly 2 seconds a lap in his Integra! I fought hard but could not hold him off!
But I think the hard pushing Russel had done had kill his tyres as he now wasn't getting away from me! Or I was trying hard to get him back but the Honda had just a bit more on the straights than me.
We crossed the line right together with just 0.647 between us!

1st Russell Hird Honda Integra DC5 fastest lap 1:20.427
2nd Carl Chambers Peugeot 306 BTCC fastest lap 1:20.931
3rd Luke Rosewell Renault Sport Clio 182 fastest lap 1:22.894