>>A mixed weekend of feelings for Thruxton

29/8/2018 - Carl finished in P3 (1st in Class) after his pitstop penalty on the Saturday, the Sunday was not a very good day for Pugsport Racing as our driver Peter Parkin had a very nasty accident at the high speed Thruxton, resulting in a badly damaged car. Nick and John did manage a P12 and 2nd in Class.

>>A great day for Pugsport Racing at Brand Hatch

16/7/2018 - Carl won his Class and came 2nd Overall in the Turbo Tin Tops series, whilst in the Tin Tops series Pete finished in P17 (6th in Class), Nick and John came P11 (3rd in Class), Dave completed his first race in his 106 GTi finishing P21 (4th in Class)

>>Double Race win for Carl at Spa

26/6/2018 - Carl bagged a double race class win at Spa, well done Carl!

>>Excellent day racing for Pugsport Racing

6/5/2018 - Second race of the race season was an excellent day for Pugsport Racing team, with Carl Chambers getting his first trophy in his 208 - 2nd Overall and in class, Nick and John came back after to there first race after the engine broke last season at Brands Hatch, they finished 15th and 1st in Class, Peter Parkin came in 10th!!!! and 4th in class, we are seeing a massive improvement with his progressesion in his 306. Well Done Pete!!

>>Start of new season, a DNF for Carl, but Peter Parkin progressed well

28/4/2018 - Start of a new season with a new car for Carl Chambers racing in a Peugeot 208 Gti 30th Edition in the brand new race series (Turbo Tin Tops), Carl had some build issues which caused him to not finish the race. Peter Parkin had done some modifications over the winter, he had a good result finishing 13th (we think Pete will have a good season).

>>Pugsport Racing has some new cars and some upgraded cars for the 2018 season.

13/2/2018 - Pugsport Racing has 2 new cars for the 2018. Carl Chambers is in a 208 gti which he will be racing in a new series in CSCC called Turbo Tin Tops and David Roberts has a 106 GTi which he will be returning in the CSCC Tin Tops series. Peter Parkin has done some upgrades to his car, Nick Mellor and John White have also done some winter upgrades and also repaired there engine after Brands Hatch last year. Check out The Cars page for the new cars and upgrades.

>>An eventful day at Pugsport Racing ends the 2017 season on a low

11/11/2017 - With the track being wet and very greasy from previous weekends truck racing, it did not help racing conditions. Carl had an incident causing major damage to his 306 BTCC on his pitstop the pit crew got the car back out, and finsihed the race in 13th. John started his qualifying and progressed well, on the first lap of Nicks he had a moment causing to go in gravel down paddock hill snapping the cam belt which finished the 205's racing weekend. The Pugsport worked to get Carls BTCC 306 out for the night race which was done but sadly the oil cooler hose snapped finishing Carls night race in the first lap. read more....

>>Carl shares his BTCC 306 with Nick Mellor and finish in P11 (5nd in Class)

10/10/2017 - Carl shares his BTCC 306 with Nick Mellor, they both had a good qualifying but then the weather changed bringing horendous driving conditions for the race, Carl was still showing nerves after his accident, Nick Mellor took over setting some impressive times and bringing it home in P11 (5th in Class). Well Done Nick for an excellnt drive! read more....

>>Carl finishes in P3 (2nd in Class)

25/6/2017 - Carl got the BTCC car repaired after last years nasty accident in it. Obviously never nervious after the last accident at Silverstone but he gained his coffidence and finished in P3 (2nd in class) bagging another trophy. Pete also finished in P13 which is a respectable result as a standard car, he is progressing in the tin tops read more....

>>A bad accident leaves Carls 306 a write off

28/5/2017 - All cars qualified in good positions, but at the start of the race Carl was forced onto the grass sending him off into the pitwall at high speed writing his 306 off. The race was red flagged and eventually all damaged cars were moved and the cars regrid, Nick and John had a great race finishing in 14th (1st in Class) another trophy for the boys, WELL DONE. Pete also broke into the top 20. read more.....


>>All cars finish this flat out circuit

23/4/2017 - All Pugsports cars finished this flat out fast circuit at Thruxton. Carl finished in P6, Nick & John - 23rd, Chris & Mike -26th, Pete - 27th. After a lot of poor driving by members of the club a lot of cars were damaged one of them being Chris and Mikes 206 GTi read more.....

>>Good start to the season

2/4/2017 - Good start to the season for Pugsport Racing, Carl finished 5th, Pete finished in 23rd (his first race), Nick and John finished in 16th (1st in Class) bagging a trophy read more....

>>Pugsport Racing gears up for the new 2017 season

27/3/2017 - Pugsport Racing increases its number of cars on the grid in the CSCC Tin Top series


>> Race report for Cadwell Park & Oulton Park

31/1/2017- Race reports for both above races.


>> Race report for Donington Park

31/1/2017- Carl battled again to finish 2nd (2nd in Class) Read more.......


>> Race report for Brands Hatch GP

29/1/2017- Carl & Nick Mellor team togther in Nicks 205 GTi around Brands Hatch GP finishing 18th Overall and 2nd in class Read more.......


>> 2 New driver profile's - Nick Mellor and Pete Parkin

24/7/2016- Pugsport Racing would like to introduce 2 new members to our team.

>> Carl & Nick Mellor team together in Nicks 205 GTi around Brands GP

24/7/2016- Carl & Nick Mellor team togther in Nicks 205 GTi around Brands Hatch GP finishing 18th Overall and 2nd in class

>> Four trophies for Carl at Spa

27/6/2016- Carls first time at Spa won him 4 trophies, with a 1st Tin Top in Race 1, the following day he won 1st in Class.

>> First win of 2016

24/5/2016- After the start of the race was stopped due to a bad accident, the race was shortened to a 20 minute race, Carl got his first win of 2016..

>> Carl finishes in 2nd at Silverstone

30/4/2016- Carl finished in 2nd after a battle over many laps with Tom Mensley, a nail biting finish.

>> Invite to race in the Northern Sports & Saloons, 2 day race went well.

25/4/2016 - Carl had an invite from David Cox who races in the CSCC to race in the Northern Sport and Saloons at Croft, the grids were big and very quick cars finished 1st Days race in 27th, on the 2nd Day Carl finished in 21st bagging a 2nd in Class, excellent weekend.

>> Start of a new season in the CSCC at Snetterton

11/4/2016 - Start of the new season in the CSCC at Snetterton, Carl finishes 3rd (2nd in Class), a good start to the new race season.

>> Start of a new season at Snetterton, Carl finished in 2nd in both Races in the Tricolor Series.

27/3/2016 - Start of the new season at Snetterton, Carl finishes in 2nd in both Races in the Tricolor series, excellent start to the series.


>>Race Reports for Oulton Park and Brands Hatch Night race

25/11/2015 - Race reports for Oulton Park and Brands Hatch Night Race take a look at our Results page for the link


>>Mallory pictures uploaded into the 2015 Gallary + Provisional Races dates added to Home Page

18/11/2015 - Mallory Park pictures uploaded into the 2015 Gallery, also provisional races dates added to home page

>> Carl bags a 3rd overall, Dave & Nick finish in a respectable 10th

3/11/2015- Carl Chambers finished in 3rd overall, Dave & Nick Mellor teamed together to finish in 10th position which is outstanding due to the standard of cars on the grid. Sadly our night races did not go ahead due to mist and fog.


>>Tricoloure Cadwell and CSCC Mallory park race reports

27/10/2015 - Tricoloure Cadwell and CSCC Mallory Park race report now available to view.


>> CSCC Rockingham Race Report

24/10/2015- CSCC Rockingham Race Report now available click here to view

>>Carl finishes in 5th (3rd in Class), Dave had his first ever DNF

30/9/2015- Carl Chambers finsihed in 5th (3rd in Class), Dave had his first ever DNF after his car misfired during qualifying which casued a poor grid position, in the race he made several places up and was going well until the misfire problem returned finishing his race.


>> No racing from Pugsport Racing

18/9/2015- Carl Chambers had to pull out from Donington and Silverstone GP due to ill health, but hopefully will return at Oulton Park, Dave Roberts will hopefully also be out for Oulton Park after a back injury.

>> Daves & Nick Mellors first race of season leaves team on a high

13/7/2015- Dave & Nick Mellor raced together earning a 3rd Overall and Carl Chambers winning another second place Trophy which left Pugsport Racing on a high

>>A second place trophy in the first race at Cadwell Park

3/8/2015- A second place trophy in the first race at Cadwell Park in the Tricolore series but sadly Carl could not race in the second of the day.

>>A third place trophy after some nail biting close racing

13/7/2015- A third place Trophy after some nail biting close racing with the Simpson boys and Richard Woods


>>New pictures loaded on our 2015 Gallery

18/8/2015 - Brands Hatch (Tricolore), CSCC Brand Hatch, Thruxton (Tricolore) and Rockingham gallery pictures added to our 2015 Gallery page.

>>Another 2 second place trophies at Thruxton after some close racing

24/6/2015- Another 2 trophies were won by Carl at Thruxton in the Tricolore series, Carl was so close to getting 1st in the last race but got pipped by the Saxo on the line read more...

>>Second in class trophy after a scary ride through gravel

24/6/2015- Carl finished in 4th but he grabbed a second in class trophy read more...

>>2 second places for Carl at Brands Hatch in the Tricolore Series

24/6/2015- Carl got 2 second place trophies at Brands Hatch in the Tricolore series read more...


>>The 2015 Gallery is now online

 The new 2015 Gallery is now online with pictures from Snetterton and Silverstone races in the CSCC Tin Tops.

>>Excellent qualifying, snapped throttle cable for Race

15/5/2015- Qualifying went brilliant putting Carl in 3rd, but a Snapped throttle cable finished Carl's race on the first bend read more...

>>Not a bad start from Carl Chambers as he finishes in 5th

11/4/2015- With the start to the new race season, a lot of modifications to his car and other competitors the start of the season was going to be interesting but Carl managed a 5th so a very good result read more...

>>CM Chambers Car page created

 CM Chambers cars page has now been created please take a look

>>Updates to our website

 Carls 306 Rallye page updated with work progress and Daves 306 page has also been updated.

>>Carl tried too hard & Dave finished in P12

25/10/2014- Carl tried to hard to gain higher position resulting in an off, whilst Dave completed a 40 minute race to gain a good result of 12th read more...


>>Carl bags another trophy, Shah & Dave finish in P17

25/9/2014- Carl bags another trophy after finishing 2nd, Shah & Dave finish in P17 read more...


>>Carl ends with a damaged car, whilst Dave& Shah finish in P20

15/9/2014- Carl ends with a damaged car, whilst Dave & Shah finish in P20 read more...


>>Dave & Carl team together for one race and finish in P12

7/8/2014- Dave & Carl team togther for one race they finish in P12 read more...


>>Pictures uploaded for Anglesey

14/8/2014- Pictures uploaded to Gallery 14 of Anglesey Race


>>Pictures uploaded for Castle Combe

24/7/2014- Pictures uploaded to Gallery 14 of Castle Combe race


>>Sad day for Carl, Dave finishes in P18

19/7/2014- Another sad day for Carl and Dave finishes in P18 read more...


>>Race report for Brands Hatch Indy

26/6/2014 - Race report for Brands Hatch.


>>Gallery created for 2014, pictures from CSCC Test Day, plus race results

3/6/2014 - Gallery created for 2014, pictures added to the 2014 gallery from CSCC Test Day at Snetterton, plus race results from Brands Hatch.


>>Daves 306, Carls Rallye & Carls BTCC all updated with new pictures

26/5/2014 - Updated to Daves 306, Carls rallye and Carls BTCC with pictures of progress of work


>>Carl finishes in P10, Shah & Dave finish in P23

20/5/2014- Carl finishes in P10 and Shah & Dave finish in P21 read more...


>>Dave and Nick finish in 12th

20/4/2014- Dave and Nick finsih in 12th position


>>Daves 306 - new pictures added

18/3/2014 - New pictures added to Daves 306 page


>>New Gallery for 2014

4/3/2014 - Our new design Gallery is now been completed.


>>New race Calendar for 2014

29/12/2013 - New race dates for 2014 have been added to our Race Calendar page.


>>Donington Park pictures added to the Gallery + New driver added to Driver profiles

3/12/2013 - Donington Park pictures added to the 2013 Gallery + New additional driver for Pugport Racing Added to Driver Profiles (Welcome Shah to the team)


>>Track day report added with Pictures

2/12/2013- Track day pictures and report added to Track Days and shows page


>>New Oulton Park and Snetterton Pictures added, plus drivers profile updated

20/11/2013- Oulton Park & Snetterton pcitures added to our gallery page, plus Drivers Profile page updted.


>>Carls time has come - 1st position

24/9/2013- Carls time has come as he finsihed 1st read more...


>>Another 3rd Podium

24/9/2013- Race results from Oulton Park 21 September Carl finished 4th read more...


>>3rd great result and battle for 2nd position

5/9/2013- Race results from Donington Park 24th August Carl finished 3rd read more...


>>Sad result again

15/7/2013- Race results from Castle Combe 13th July 2013 Sadly Carl did not finish due to a broken wire read more...