Miles 106

Car purchased, semi stripped out with a few items needed for racing such as the satchshift, Quaife LSD


Interior prior to removing

Interior stripped with all sound deadening material removed and any metal not needed was also cut, prior to having Roll Cage fitted.


Custom rollcage fitted to MSA specs.

Non sunroof panel ready for fitting to shell.


Engine removed

Old roof panel cut off


Spot welds all drilled out ready for new roof!

New roof trial fitted, now to weld it on.


Floor all cleaned up ready for painting

Seat bars and anchor points for harnesses


Boot area stone chip primer applied.

Interior been primed


First coats of Volvo dark grey applied.

Interior painted


Perspex windows purchased

Fibreglass bonnet and tailgate purchased from Maxi Motorsport


Bonnet and tailgate fitted prior to trimming

Rear perspex window fitted along with boot badge


Boot pins fitted

Satchshift bulkhead part fitted to seal bulk head


Side perspex windows fitted

Oil cooler fitted and plumbed in


Bonnet fitted after painting, aero catches fitted

Roof skin painted Satin black.


Metal cut out from front doors. Front and rear tow eyes also removed

Cutting compounded all panels to tidy up body work


Drivers fan fitted

Rear tow strap fitted. Peugeot Sport Club number plate fitted.


Front doors after metal had been cut, pull cords added so door can be opened.

Switches added to carbon panel, battery isolator and fire extinguisher pull cables fitted.


Start of the new wiring loom, looks a little messy at the moment but once finished it will be neatly tidied

Single wiper conversion


Number plate cut out and mesh added. Front tow strap added

Pull cords fitted in slam panel.


2 litre oil catch tank fitted, engine fitted along with wiring for new ECU.

Front fan housing all cut down


Race transponder fitted

Rear perspex windows fitted


Fuel swirl pot and fuel pump

Battery box and fire extinguisher mounted


Carbon fibre rear spoiler fitted.

Race technology Dash 2 fitted and all wired in


Dash and wiring all done and tidied.