Nick and John's 205 GTi

Nick and Jamie (who was the previous owner) brought a standard 205

My car showing damage


Exhaust fell off, the first of many broken parts!

Engine bay strpped and rust removed

At Carlin motorsport having the cage fitted - few of the boys messing around with performance enhancements!

Interior stripped 


First ever trackday at Woodbridge 2009.

rear beam rubbed down and re-painted 

2010 pre our first ever race, stickered up and still having exhause issues

Rear beam re-assembled 



Rear beam fitted 


Rear disks and calipers 


A lot of our time at the track was spent like this! We suffered driveshaft issues for years...

New wishbones 

First Win 2013 Snetterton

New coilover suspension 


2nd Win 2013 Oulton


2014/2015 all change for the livery and team members Jamie decides to take a break....



First visit to CM Chambers Cars


old injection system all removed


As Nick Mellor has messed up the wrap it gives us a chance to repair Jamie Collins mishap!

new swirl pot to sort out the fuel surge problem and stop Nick and John having to run with a full tank of fuel all the time.


Throttle bodies pinched off Nicks newly bought 306 Rallye .

Inlet manifold swapped for a 205 one.


Omex ECU ready to go on.

The throttles bodies fitted, had to cut the alternator mount back as the manifold was hitting and would not go on.


not a lot of space left for the radiator!

We had to mount the rad lower and forward to give room and to allow air to the bodies.


oil cooler now mounted too. The front panel had to be totally cut out to give room for the bodies.

Gearbox and flywheeel removed


GTi-6 flywheel on the left being fitted to give a tdc sensor pickup

diff removed to check and to fix the gearbox housing oil leak.


crack in the wing welded back up to get the strength back.

then filler applied to get shape back.


thats the wing looking better, ready to get the car re wrapped.

306 GTi-6 flywheel with TDC pickup teeth ready for the Omex ECU. New Valeo 405 Mi16 clutch!


extra fuel pump and swirl pot added.

wiring in and Omex ECU mounted.


all wired up and she lives again! Just needs to be remapped now

Pulled the door vinyl wrap off as it was damaged but the door was not great when it was removed!.


sanded the door down and re wrapped it, had to remove the rear quarter wrap as it was also damaged! Fitted the lion decal.

re wrapped the rear quarter


then fitted the rest of the decals



the final touches put on Nick and Johns 205