Oulton Park - Saturday 21st September

With this meeting and one final meeting to go surely Carl would bag his first 1st of the year.

It was a cloudy start to the day but dry and later became very sunny. Qualifying did not go too well due to tyres and Carl himself not felling 100% but still bagged 7th.

This put Carl on Row 4 of the grid.

The tyres were sorted out for the race, Carl had a good start, on the second lap Lisa Selby had a horrible crash which caused a safety car for 4 laps which took a large amount of the race up, Carl pitted for his pitstop on Lap 8 in 3rd position, the pitstop did not go as planned, he then slowly climbed to 4th position which he held out until the end of the race, Carl finished in 3rd overall in class A so another trophy Well Done Carl hopefully Snetterton will be the circuit for you!