Oulton Park - Saturday 26th September 2015.


After lots of rest Carl was just about able to race again but it was going to be hard going! He just had to be very careful!
Some race tracks you gel well with and some you don’t, Oulton Park is one for Carl that he always struggle with and he don’t really know why? Maybe because its always damp under the trees first thing!

Qualifying was about getting a good time in as little laps as possible in order to save his old back! After 8 laps we were 5th on the grid so he called it a day at that and came in to rest! Lee Williams was flying in his litte Saxo and took pole in front of the Mensley brothers who were 2nd and 3rd in the Clio then the Focus! Richard Woods Focus had split his gearbox in testing the day before so was out for the weekend!

In the race Carl managed to get a great start and was able to get to 3rd behind Lee and Paul Mensley, Tom Mensley was hot on his heals after he got a really bad start! We battled for a few laps and really were holding each other up allowing Lee and Paul to get away!
Carl decided to "let" Tom passed after he made a good move on him and the plan was to keep with him to catch the front two! This plan would have been great but Carl was not in a fit enough state to hang on to his coat tails and had to settle for 4th before the pits stops started.
We had a great stop despite being careful getting in and out the car! We were back out in 3rd, but Paul Mensley was charging hard to make back up his winners penalty and close behind him was Nigal Ainge in his Integra. Carl was now struggling a bit to keep the pace so they both came passed fairly easily! He had a bit of a breathing space for a while, till the penultimate lap when Chase racings Clio was suddenly on his rear bumper! Carl drove the widest 306 for a lap and half with the Clio even taking to the grass to try and pass, Carl went slightly wide in the last corner but had just enough grunt to hold the Clio off to claim 5th over the line and 3rd in class!


Dave was on his own for this race as Nick Mellor could sadly not make it. Qualifying was very slippy and did not manage a good time, due to having a misfire, Dave tried to sort this problem in the pits but sadly could not do all of qualifying and had to stop. This put him in P37 on Row 18.

After the qualifying Carl and Dave tried the Spark Plugs, leads etc and did several test runs up and down the tarmac, all seemed to be fine so it was looking good to hopefully get up the grid quite quickly.

By the Race the track had dried under the trees and it was far more grippy, Dave got off to a good start flying down the middle of the pack, then had to miss all the carnage on the first bend with several cars making contact with each other. By the end of the first lap he had manage to get to 31st, on the following lap he had gained another 2 positions. On the 7th Lap he was in 23rd position, on the 8th Lap, Dave came into do his pitstop which went well, but sadly the misfire problem had returned and he struggled to keep with cars even down hill, on Lap 10 he decided it was a good idea to Pit and was informed by other racer that he should not continue as he would cause damage to the engine!

So it was a sad day for Dave, after the engine had cooled down Carl found it was one of the plugs that connects to the injector which was causing the misfire, an easy fix.

This put Carl on Row 3 and Dave on Row 18.