Snetterton (200) - Saturday 19th October 2013

With this being the last race of the year it needed to be Carls day to finish 1st on his home circuit. The weather was dry but the track was slightly damp, Carl qualified 5th to start off with but then got to 3rd, his pit crew indicated for him to pit and gave the car a cool down for a few laps, then whilst in pits he slipped one position his pit crew said have another go and he then gained back 2nd for the race.

This put Carl on Row 1 which was an outstanding result, with 2 Peugeot 306 taking the front row.

Carl started off in 2nd position and held that position for 7 laps, as soon as the pit window opened Carl came in to do his pitstop, this went very smoothly and he got back out into 10th position but as other drivers were pitting Carl was quickly gaining positions, by the 11th lap he was into 3rd, then with the other 2 cars doing there pitstop Carl then gained 1st position which he held for 15 laps, at one point he was 38 seconds in front, his first 1st position of the year and hopefully he will have more to come next year, the team are very proud of this result and the results you have had over the year, well done Carl.