Snetterton (300) - Sunday 13th April 2014.

This year we have two cars on the grid, Carl Chambers Car No. 72 and David Roberts & Shah Irani Car No.66, sadly Shah could not join David for this race so Nick Mellor took his place for this race. Nick has been racing in the Tin Tops for around 4 years so he has plenty of race experience. The weather was cool but sunny so track conditions were dry. Carl left the pits followed by Dave, sadly his engine gave up and his qualifying was over without completing the 3 laps needed to qualify. Being Dave's first ever race he was very nervious, a certain eye opener, after 5 laps his quickest lap was a 2:35.947, Dave came into pits and Nick took over setting quicker lap times, his best time being 2:23.121, putting us in 23rd Position on Row 11, not a bad result at all as it was large number of cars alot of them being higher spec.


Dave started the race with Nick finishing the race, due to two cars dropping out Dave started from 21st Position with a rolling start. Dave lost alot of places a start,on the 4th lap the safety car was deployed after 3 laps Dave was called in for driver swap, hoping to use the safety car to our advantage, our pit stop was 25 seconds stationary time which excellent as a first pit stop, Nick got held at the end of pit lane until safety car had passed, he then had one more lap under safety car, he then used his racing experience to climb the positions back and finsihed in 20th Position, after the race had finsihed the race officials found several cars in Pit Stop Infringments moving the finsihing position to 12th which was an outstanding result.