Snetterton (200) - Saturday 18th October 2014.

This being the final race of 2014 both drivers (Carl and Dave) wanted to finish the season on a high. The weather on the Friday night turned into heavy rain and winds, not looking good for next day, on the Saturday morning the rain has stopped but left a damp and very greasy track for qualifying. Carl managed a P9 after several hair raising moments, Dave managed a P19 which was not too bad after his first solo qualifying on a greasy track.

This put Carl on Row 3 and Dave on Row 10

By the time the race the track had dried fully, but the skies did not look good but luckily it did not rain.The race was changed from a standing start to a rolling start.


In the race for Carl the race didn't go so well, he got edged out in the first few corners so lost a few places, then managed to get them all back despite being pushed by one of the Hondas. The pitstop went well till the car failed to restart, after pushing it most the pitlap it decided to go. Carl pushed hard to get into 4th and was catching the car in front at about a second a lap, but pushed that extra too hard and went off into the barrier, sadly race over but the damage looked to be minor.


Got away quite well and managed to keep up until the first hairpin but got blocked in resulting in Dave ending up in P23 by the end of the first lap. Dave then battled his way through the grid with a very good pitstop, Dave managed to gain a few more places and had an excellent race finishing in P12 which was his best solo result. Dave is looking forward to his next race hopefully in 2015.