Snetterton (300) - Saturday 11th April

Start of a new season, Carl had done quite a lot of work on the 306 Rallye. With the weather forecast not looking good fingers were crossed that it would not rain and luckly it held out for the qualifying.

Qualifying was very close and at one point Carl was in second place, but finished in P4 which was still outstanding!

This put Carl on Row 2

After qualifying the weather took a change and the track became very wet, but luckily the sun came out and started to dry the track, Carl got off to a great start gaining 2 positions, but sadly left the door open after bbeing pushed out wide, this caused Carl to lose positions but with a good Pitstop he could gain positions back, but due to a race incident under the safety car, Carl finsihed the race in P5 and P4 in his class still an excellent result, Carl is now looking forward to the next race.