Snetterton (300) - Sunday 10th April.

Race Report by Carl Chambers


Two weeks have gone by, we were back at Snetterton and it the same story cold and damp!
Over night rain had left the track fairly wet in places so again we went out on the Toyo 888s.
Early on I was going well but was very supprised to be quickest! Though as the track dried we were pushed down the 3rd on the grid. Just after my fastest lap the car started to miss and splutter, I managed to limp back to the pit garage just as the car died. It turned out that we had cut it a bit fine with the petrol and it had just run out, ooops!
Fastest lap was 2:15.320 so already faster than what the BTCC car had done a few weeks earlier!


The track had now fully dried so the Yoko 048s were fitted and we made sure there was enough petrol in the car!
There was a rolling start this time, all went well and a good start was made. Boardman was flying early on in his BMW 318Ti, I guess rear wheel drive gets its rear tyres warm quicker. He was making my life hell in the tight sections, he kept passing me with ease but then on the the straights I was able to just fly back past him!
After 2 laps my rear tyres were up to temperature so I was finally able to put a big enough gap between myself and the BMW. I was now able to give chase to the Integra and the Clio in front though both were flying!
We had a great pit stop and came out back behind Toms Clio and with Russells Integra which was a fair way in front!
Some places we were catching then others we lost a bit of time, and thats how it went on till the end of the race. It was a pretty uneventful end but still a great result, 3rd overall and 2nd in class.

1st Russell Hird Honda Integra DC5 Fastest lap 2:13.343
2nd Tom Mensley Renault Sport Clio 172 2:14.083
3rd Carl Chambers Peugeot 306 Rallye 2:14.226