Snetterton (300) - Sunday 2nd April.


The Snetterton race weekend was a bit up and down but ended pretty good. Chris Earles' 206 went well on the Saturday in the open race finished 21st overall in his first ever race with lots of powerful cars on the grid.

Sunday morning was cool but sunny and dry so perfect qualifying conditions, sadly Chris Earles' 206 clutch did not last and had to retire from qualifying and was unable to fix it for the race. Carl posted a 4th place time but just after that a front lower rose joint snapped giving him a very scary ride! Nick and John put their 205 25th on the grid and Pete put his 306 33rd on the 45 cars grid!

Carls car was repaired just in time for the race and managed to finish 5th overall and 4th in class. Peters 306 finished 23rd and 11th in class on his first ever race in a standard Peugeot 306 with lots of quicker cars out there. Nick and John's 205 finished 16th overall and 1st in class, this achieved by some great driving and well timed pitstop when Code 60 was active and a super quick pitstop done by Dave and Louise. Great result for the oldest car on the grid and it was also John's first ever race!

Name Number of Laps Speed Trap Best Laptime On Lap Number
Carl Chambers 15 65.24 2:15.011 13
John White/Nick Mellor 14 62.19 2:23.534 14
Peter Parkin 14 61.11 2:24.073 13