Thruxton - Saturday 13th August 2016.

Thruxton is a circuit for the brave and one that I love very much! As an added extra this round was filmed to go out on Motors TV, so getting a good result was my aim and hopefully plenty of TV coverage!
Qualifying went well or so I thought, Danny Cassar was to be out in Mike Jordon’s Integra and was out to prove he could drive as well as Mike! Well he put it on pole with ease and was over 4 seconds a lap quicker than me! Richard Wheeler was out in his very fast Fiesta, he was hoping the engine would last and he could get it to the finish safely without the problems he has had in previous rounds. He had another newly built engine by Cosworth! Qualifying he was 1.2 seconds behind Danny. I ended up 3rd on the grid. Billy Hardy was out in his new Vauxhall Corsa which too was going great, he was in 4th just behind me!


It was a standing start and I got off well, Nigel Angie started in the Integra on pole, but he seem to bog down on the start, Richard past him then I manage to get past them both for the lead into the first corner! Cold rear tyres saw the rear step out a bit but we were ok, then into the fast back sections both Richard and Billy came past. The next two laps saw them 2 fighting hard for the lead! I had a good view and was just hanging onto their tails, but thinking that pushing this hard early on is not great for the tyres!
5 laps in and Billy lost it into the chicane having a half spin, so I was then straight back with him! We had a great battle for the next 2 or 3 laps swapping places several times!
Our pitstop went well, as did Billy’s and we were back out together still fighting hard. Danny had now taken over the Integra and was flying. Richard was out in front but had not turned his engine off during his pitstop which earned him a stop go penalty!
Billy suddenly dropped back and then pulled into the pits, it later turned out he had almost ran out of petrol! Danny was coming through strong, trying to make up the 30 second winners penalty that the car had got from wins at previous rounds. He was doing a good job as he was again 3-4 seconds a lap quicker than everyone else. He soon caught and past me, then did the same with Richard in the Fiesta. Towards the end my tyres were well gone from pushing too hard early on, it was a struggle towards the end. Danny won easily, with Richard crossing the line in 2nd and I came in 3rd, but it turned out Richard never did take his stop and go penalty so he got a big smack on the wrists plus he was then also excluded from the race! This handed me 2nd!

The Motors TV coverage was great and it was awesome to see your own car on TV. Plus a lot of my in car footage was used so I got many mentions which was even better! It is currently available to watch on demand via the Motors TV website if you fancy watching it.


1st Angie/Cassar Honda Integra DC5 fastest lap 1:25.920
2nd Carl Chambers Peugeot 306 Rallye fastest lap 1:28.982
3rd Simpson/Simpson Peugeot 206 RC fastest lap 1:28.954